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Nature’s Gift to Mankind
Desiccated Coconut
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Coconut Fibre (Coir)
Coconut Dust (Coco-Pith)

Phenomenal Growth

The Island of Sumatra

Indonesia is archipelago country with thousands of islands and rich of nature resources, therefore our foundations thinking to make use of our nature to develop products from coconut and beginning in year 1986 our Company PT..Sari Segar Husada was established in the southern part of Sumatera Island-Lampung Province.

When the company first entered the Export Market, healthy sales growth over the years have been responsible for making it one of Indonesia’s largest producer of coconuts and coconut related products today. Using advanced equipment and technology from the US and Europe, PT. Sari Segar exemplified the group’s increasing diversification into higher value manufacturing.

PT. Sari Segar Husada is competing internationally with products that are in demand in Europe, Africa, Midle East and others countries over the world. Key strengths are a dedication for good quality product manufacture, product and market diversification, human resources development and more two decades long tradition of quality and service.

The Province Lampung